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Earl, Napoleon Boney Parts, and Mighty Mike. Not quite in shape and with a bad back, he was the cheerleader. Noel had to get to work, so I missed him in the photo.

Gives New Meaning to the Term Skeleton Crew


Just when I thought I was going to have to set the pallet on fire and burn it away, hoping that the kiln would then be on the floor, my neighbor and friend, Earl and his friend, Noel, came over flexing their considerable muscles. Earl, a fulltime Pepsi employee, moonlights three nights a week as a bouncer at a local western dance bar. Rounding out the crew was his stepson, Devin, and brother-in law, David. Earl and Noel each grabbed an end of the kiln, counted to three, lifted it and Devin and David pulled out the pallet. If you blinked, you would have missed it. See! We don't need no stinkin' fork lifts or hydraulic jacks or cranes or Superman. We got Earl! Sweet as I know he is, would you argue with him in a bar? I think not. One small leap for the kiln, one giant leap for Blafuslum. Yay!

She's a beauty! Our new, Paragon GL-64AD kiln weighing in at 1,100 lbs!

New Kiln Arrives for Upcoming Classes


Judy and I gave ourselves, and our students, a kiln for Mother's Day. It's a Paragon GL-64AD, and weighs 1100. There aren't enough Wheaties in the world to make me strong enough to get it off that palette. HELP, I REALLY NEED SOMEBODY. My Beatles years have caught up with me. Seriously, anyone who can give me some guidance will surely be nominated for sainthood. I need to get it on the floor so that I can schedule a class. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Left to right, Mark, Susan and Butch

Recent Las Vegas convention...


Here I am again at the Glass and Bead show with Mark Bolick, CEO of HIS GLASSWORKS, one of the most fascinating businesses you'll encounter. If you're not familiar with them, look them up. In the middle is Susan Hirschthe mega-star owner of Images in Glass, and teacher extraordinaire. Check her out as well. She's an excellent teacher, and it's well worth the bucks to tune in to her webinars.

We have a new ezine, Blafuslum, along with hands-on classes!

July, August Classes Coming!


Hello, fellow gritsters. There's an ugly rumor going 'round that we're kind of crazy, and our BLAFUSLUM video does little to dispel this possibility. However, there is one thing we're dead serious about, and that's our teaching. With 31 years of blasting experience to pass on to you, I hold nothing back. Judy will have a guest fusing and slumping instructor so that all students will have personal assistance. Mike will be eye candy when he's not assisting me or doing computer duties. Our classes will start out with only four students until we're sure we can provide adequate individual attention. Never will a class have more than six students. Cross my eyes and hope to die. Our first class will be in late July or early August. In the interim, you will be provided with dates, and some photos of possible projects. There will be fabulous food, good music, cute dogs, and all around frivolity.We have 4 kilns, no waiting.(one is 62" long. Our new Paragon pride and joy.) You will blast in my and Rayzist's creation, the Super Grit Pit, complete with cup holder. You will have fun. That's an order.

More soon,



But not to worry. It's a good thing. Actually, it's two things. First, it's a magazine, a brand new shiny online zine, featuring blasting, fusing and slumping. I have been creating projects and products using the three techniques combined for about 16 years, off and on. It's so much fun and so creative that you can't help but get excited. The first issue of the zine will appear in June. Shortly thereafter, we will begin BLAFUSLUM CLASSES. Full details, pictures and class dates to follow, so watch this space. And, as usual, we thank you for your support. Prepare to be amazed.

The leaning tower of Butch

I'm Back, Baby!


What a long, strange trip it's been! The summer is upon us and I think I'm finally over my health hurdles that have dogged me since my heart surgery last year. It feels so good to feel like myself again.

I've got a few, fun things coming your way for all you blasters. One of my goals is to make purchasing blasting items a little easier by installing an online store. You'll also be able to purchase some blasted pieces from my shop. I'll have an announcement when our Shopify page is ready to go, and we'll put a link to it on the official Sandwitch web site.

Another addition will be video classes through Vimeo, formerly advertised as Webinars. From a link on the web site, you'll be able to purchase and view one of a handful of video tutorials I've put together with the help of my good buddy, Mike Mudd.

BLAST-PHEMY Ezine To Return?

Well, that's the hope, anyway. I would love to revive my beloved, little ezine, Blast-Phemy, jam-packed with great tips, techniques, glass-artist news and insights, and tutorial projects. We'll see if I can make that happen in early 2019. Until then, you can always order the back-issues from 2015-2016.

Video Training

Coming soon, we'll be offering a handful of videos at the Sandwitch. Through video instruction, you'll learn new blasting techniques from the master herself. Each high-quality video course will guide you step by step, providing tips to hone your skills.


Purchase back-issues BLAST-PHEMY

Although Blast-Phemy Ezine is on an exteneded hiatus, you can still get the back-issues. I've faced many hurdles over the past year and it's forced me to put the zine on the back burner. For those who missed out, you can still buy the 2015 & 2016 back-issues, $30 for 12 issues.

Butch Young DVDs
Available here!

Do you need to brush-up on a blasting technique, or break a bad blasting habit? Or maybe you just want to learn an entirely new skill. If you can't afford the time, travel or expense of a hands-on lesson, be sure to check out the slew of instructional DVDs at the Sandwitch Shop.