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Aside from the creative work involved, there can be many pitfalls when it comes to running your business. Here are some guidelines on how to proceed on your first big job so you won't get bitten in the butt.

The CYA Contract (cover your ass), provides some peace of mind when dealing with your customers. A lot of people want this information and so I thought I would find a place for it on the web site. I hope you find this helpful.

Basics of a CYA Contract, Example 1

Shower complex for the home of Dr. and Mrs. whatever.

Glass to be supplied and paid for by client or representative of same. Therefore, all totals mentioned below reflect only work done by bob hernandez. Glass prices and installation not to be included.

Description of work to be performed.

Six pieces of tempered glass, polished edges, including two shower doors, to be sandblasted using an underwater theme, and including various fish, turtles, mammals, and, assorted sea plants and corals. If desired, client may have final approval over layout.

Work will be completed in a timely manner, with every attempt made to meet the march, 31, 2008, deadline. However, due to the natural fragility of the material, this date may need to be adjusted. The client will be informed of any problems, such as scratches, chips, etc., which would result in rescheduling of the completion date.

This project, estimated at $4,100.00, will include the following:

  1. cleaning and examination of the glass to be sure it meets standards necessary for a satisfactory finished product.

  2. application of heat-resistant, vinyl, 6-mil resist to blasting side of the glass. The opposite side will be protected from scratches, or accidental pitting, by the application of a clear masking material.

  3. copy and/or blueprint charges. Various enlargement and reduction charges. Image reversals when aesthetically necessary.

  4. custom layout, and hand-cutting of final pattern. Note: As mentioned above, client may have input prior to the beginning of the cutting process. (should client waive this opportunity, it will be assumed that creative license has been given to the artist, bob hernandez.

  5. sandblasting of custom project will be performed, using a sophisticated technique, creative surface etching, which uses the four basic values, defined as levels, solid frosting, light frosting, and clear. These four elements will be combined in various ways, resulting in a sophisticated finished product.

  6. removal of vinyl and clear protective masking. Final cleanup, prior to installation.

  7. this project will be blasted on tempered glass, as required by the building codes. Although, considered a safety glass to reduce or eliminate personal injury, it is more susceptible to damage than non-tempered glass. Every attempt will be made to protect its integrity. This requires the artist to blast to a more shallow depth, and use various shading and cutting techniques.

Note: Images will be blasted on the inside surfaces of the panels. This is to enhance the viewing of the project, and protect the blasted surface from fingerprints, and, other substances.

Once the glass has left the possession of the artist, and is in the hands of the installation personnel, it is no longer the responsibility of bob hernandez. Therefore, final payment should be received prior to removal of the project from his studio. In addition, the artist has the right to refuse any glass that is damaged or unacceptable for a project of this type.

This estimate must be signed by the customer before work begins. Also, any changes to this estimate must be noted and signed by both parties. Fifty percent of the total, or, $2,050.00, will also be required, before work begins.

Thank you for your business, and, i look forward to working with you.

Take good care, and always remember, grit happens!

Basics of a CYA Contract, Example 2

Bid for templeton donor wall

April 23, 2016

The following is the cost for the completion of the Templeton Donor Wall. This cost takes into consideration that the glass to be carved and gilded has already been purchased.

Stenciling material with all names and categories pre-cut or prepared from photo resist. $500.00.

Installation and assorted transportation and handling fees. $400.00.

Assorted gold, silver, and bronze leaf. $300.00.
NOTE: All labor involved in the three day leafing and sealing process is to be donated. All leafing materials are genuine metals, and, not synthetic material or paint.

Preparation and carving of glass. $1800.00.
NOTE: This amount includes all cleaning, stencil application, carving, removal of stencil material, and performing final cleaning prior to installation.

TOTAL: $3,000.00, half of which must be received prior to work being initiated. The balance is to be received upon completion, and, before the finished work leaves my studio. A final inspection by you or your representatives will be encouraged at this point.

In addition, it is necessary for you to provide an accurate representation of the wall with all names spelled correctly, and, signed and dated by your or your representative. Should any misspellings occur on your end, I bear no responsibility. There is no way to fix an error of this type. Should the error be at my end, I am completely responsible for replacement of the finished product. Please initial a copy of this letter as well.

I sincerely thank you for this opportunity to work with you, and, barring any unforeseen circumstance, your panel will be completed prior to the end of the school term. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take good care, and always remember, GRIT HAPPENS!

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