Butch Young interpretations of Chuck Jones's The Grinch

Chimney Grinch

This character, created by Dr. Seuss, and brought to life by Chuck Jones, is a wonderful example of how a cartoon can be brought to life through the medium of sandblasting. My longtime design partner, Eileen Borgeson, supplied the transitional artwork, and I carved it. I always find it amazing that, through proper carving, these images take on a life of their own. I love working with this type of art.

Interpretation of Chuck Jones

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Although only 17x33 inches, this wonderful piece is crammed full of complex detail. I did a lot of mixing and matching of techniques, including carving, light frosts, and clears to keep it from being monochromatic. This is definitely not an image for sissies. It was done as a small limited edition, and the last time I saw it advertised was in 2002, and retailed at $7500.00. Since Chuck Jones artwork continually increases in value, I can't begin to guess its current worth. Eileen Borgeson supplied me with blast-ready artwork, and I handcut and sandblasted them. A variety of paints, powders and gold accents supply the color.

Daffy Duck prototype for Warner Bros. Carving by Butch Young, artwork by Eileen Borgeson

Daffy Duck

I think Daffy is one of the best works I have ever done. The rolls of the beak and the kind of arrogance of his posture are classic Daffy. This was a prototype for Warner Brothers, with Eileen Borgeson providing the final artwork. It was handcut and blasted by me. The orange-gold color is made possible by colored lighting in the base.

Virtually Yours (Woman Warrior)

Won 1st Place in the 1998 New Mexico State Fair

Designed by Eileen Borgeson

Carved by Butch Young

Blue lighting by gel strip in base.

[photo by Eileen Borgeson]


Designed by Eileen Borgeson

Carved by Butch Young

One of nine panels comissioned for Bally's Casino. Each panel is three layers deep with tops of glass cut in arcs to enhance the underwater fantasia scene.

[photo by Eileen Borgeson]

Home Of The Brave

Interpretive Creation and
Blasting by Butch Young

This is an excellent example of Creative Surface etch, utilizing various levels of depth, combined with solid frosting, clear spaces and multiple values of light frost. This creates much more interest than a total carve, which is totally white field.

Bad Hair Day

Original Artwork by Robert Benjamin

Interpreted for glass and carved by Butch Young

Note the use of light frosting in the face and background snakes to add interest.

Bugs & Daffy (Chuck Jones)

Artwork by Chuck Jones

Carved by Butch Young

Freudian Slip

Won 2nd Place in the 2000 New Mexico State Fair

Designed and Carved by Butch Young

Rammed Earth

Won 1st Place in the 2000 New Mexico State Fair

Artwork by James Garcia and Butch Young

Diamond Warrior

Carved by Butch Young

Polished crystal avanite custom base
neon lighting

Original Artwork by Michael Parkes
Interpreted for glass and carved by Butch Young

Sky Circus

I have reproduced many well-known artists in my career, but the one I lust after is Michael Parkes, who so far has resisted my shameless advances. Therefore, his works, that I have transferred to glass, live only in my home. He has seen pictures of these, and seems to appreciate them, but to this point, nothing more has happened. He is a wonderful multi-media artist, and I encourage everyone reading this to go on line and view his body of work. It is breathtakingly unique and thought provoking, and I will continue to fill my home with his works, if only to satisfy my need to recreate his genius onto the canvas of my choosing.

Thelma's Last Wave

Won 2nd Place in the 1999 New Mexico State Fair

Designed by Eileen Borgeson

Carved by Butch Young

Two colors of neon cutsom acrylic base 23 karat gold accents

Michigan J. Frog

Original Artwork by Chuck Jones

Interpreted for glass and carved by Butch Young

Old Indian

Original Artwork by Robert Howell

Interpreted for glass and carved by Butch Young


Designed by Eileen Borgeson

Carved by Butch Young


Designed by Eileen Borgeson

Carved by Butch Young

Computer Chip

2," 4' x 8' carved optical glass, neon illuminated in stainless steel cabinet.

Designed by Eileen Borgeson

Carved by Butch Young

Commissioned by a chip maker in Silicon Valley California to commemorate the opening of their new facility

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