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Note: The Sandwitch, at this time, does not take orders over the internet by way of the usual shopping cart procedure. To Order a Product, Butch prefers to speak with customers personally either by phone or e-mail to discuss specific needs and to insure that they order and receive a product that suits them. Thus, a very happy consumer!

To Take Classes:
As a student you may wish to discuss your experiences with Butch and together create your own private class, tailored to your needs. So call now to book your class and have a blast!

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Video Training

Coming soon, we'll be offering a handful of videos at the Sandwitch. Through video instruction, you'll learn new blasting techniques from the master herself. Each high-quality video course will guide you step by step, providing tips to hone your skills.


Purchase back-issues BLAST-PHEMY

Although Blast-Phemy Ezine is on an exteneded hiatus, you can still get the back-issues. I've faced many hurdles over the past year and it's forced me to put the zine on the back burner. For those who missed out, you can still buy the 2015 & 2016 back-issues, $30 for 12 issues.

Butch Young DVDs
Available here!

Do you need to brush-up on a blasting technique, or break a bad blasting habit? Or maybe you just want to learn an entirely new skill. If you can't afford the time, travel or expense of a hands-on lesson, be sure to check out the slew of instructional DVDs at the Sandwitch Shop.