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A Note from Butch... I feel that my students' work speaks as a great testimonial for the methods taught in my classes and on the videos. That is why I am showcasing students work on my video covers. I am proud of my students' accomplishments and encourage them to stretch.

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Approximately 2 hours, $65

This is a particularly informative and innovative video. It makes clear the black, white, and gray pulls; their relationship to one another, and how to maintain distinction. From easy beginning exercises to sophisticated and elegant finished product, this is indeed an exceptional experience. Subtle shading variations between shapes provide more interesting variations than many carvings; which, if not executed at the highest level, often offer confusion in the abundance of white. Check this one out. Also, dahlings, the popcorn is to die for. This is a two-hour plus video with no pull omitted; therefore, we must charge a little more. I promise you: YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.



Approximately 70 minutes, $50

This video takes the student through the process of working within a single given image, and completely transforming it while cutting - No drawing allowed! It is designed to familiarize the student with the four elements of surface etching: levels (not to be confused with carving), solid frosting, shading, and clear. These four possibilities can be used in unlimited combinations to produce a richness of product impossible using a simple "black-and-white" surface etching process. With techniques demonstrated in the video, the initial image can be used over and over, completely transformed. Every piece you do is custom. This video paves the way for the fundamentals of sequence of blast.




Approximately 60 minutes, $50

This video builds on the skills taught in Creative Surface Etching; however, it does stand on it's own as a complete set of techniques. This video turns the focus from a single, simple image, to incorporating many, disparate elements to create entire scenes. It aims to familiarize the student with the following skills to create custom patterns: the theory of depth of field, the stacking of visual elements, the interrelationship of scale and detail, and general design theory. The goal is to free the student from the need to draw; instead, learn to design and create right as you go, onto the resist. Your knife becomes your pencil.




Approximately 65 minutes, $55

This video thoroughly explores the proper materials and techniques necessary for leafing etched, creative surface etched, or carved glass. This is a totally different process from gilding the surface of glass, as sign guys do. As long as you have penetrated the surface of the glass, you have created a level of depth, in which you are able to leaf. You absolutely don't have to be a full-blown deep carver, as you will see. Emphasis is placed on the proper application of the adhesive material, or gold size, proper drying, additional coats, and sealing your masterpiece, to avoid contamination and adverse chemical reactions. Make your work more eye- catching and bring in extra profit as well



Two Disk Set, over 2 hours, $70 - A two popcorn extravaganza!

This video is a study in the art of light carving. Deep carving takes a great deal of time to perfect; and, cannot be accomplished on tempered glass. Since most of my students wish to pursue residential/commercial careers, which requires working on tempered glass, this video shows how to carve lightly, while maintaining clean lines between shapes. For those of you nervous about how deeply one can blast on tempered, I blast deeply enough to actually "blow up" a piece of 3/8" tempered. On tempered glass, since it is constantly in a state of compression vs. tension, one should learn to accomplish the beautiful effects of carving without excessive depth. That is what this video is all about. After working almost exclusively in the residential/commercial arena for over twp decades, I have a pretty good handle on the entire tempered glass experience. Even if you don't work on tempered glass, this video will teach you to achieve a light carving touch; since deep carving is a skill that is rarely mastered. In addition to this, few people will be willing to pay for the amount of time that goes into deep carving. This video teaches the middle ground; not to mention, an extremely lucrative one. I will, as an example, demonstrate the deep blasting technique, so that you can see the patience, dedication, and attention to detail deep carving requires. It is indeed an intense and instructive video.



Coloring Techniques

Two Disk Set, over 2 hours, $70
Another double popcorn movie

This video reviews and then surpasses THE MIDAS TOUCH. It branches out into some sign painting techniques with spectacular results; not to mention the introduction of Mica powders, smalt, and some lighting techniques, including incandescent and neon. In conjunction with the lighting info is included coloring you product with the addition of gel strips, also known as transparent,colored acetate, found in most good art supply stores. Deep carving flattens with the additions of darker painted or opaque surfaces. Therefore, it is important to understand the usefulness of the acetate strip; or the combination of colored strips with a given lighted base.


Video Training

Coming soon, we'll be offering a handful of videos at the Sandwitch. Through video instruction, you'll learn new blasting techniques from the master herself. Each high-quality video course will guide you step by step, providing tips to hone your skills.


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Although Blast-Phemy Ezine is on an exteneded hiatus, you can still get the back-issues. I've faced many hurdles over the past year and it's forced me to put the zine on the back burner. For those who missed out, you can still buy the 2015 & 2016 back-issues, $30 for 12 issues.

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