Group Photo of Students (from Left to Right): Clark Hulce, Linda Causey, Kitty Williams, Kelli Byron, Bobbi Adams, Ron Boat,and in front–Butch Young with new microwave gift from students.

Meet the Nozzle Jockeys

Whether or not you realize it, June 17, 2001, was an historic day, and will probably become a national holiday. The huge event was my first official graduating class, where my little "Butchlings" became official "NOZZLE JOCKEYS." This is not something that is easily achieved. This scruffy bunch were actually two different groups of students, who as units, went through all five classes, including extensive out of class blasting hours, and much punishment with a plastic ruler. It took a lot of fortitude on their part; not to mention the agonies they put me through.

So, anyway, since they all worked so hard, I decided to reward them with a huge graduation bash, complete with mortar boards with nozzle tassels, fabulously stylish Sandwitch T-shirts, diplomas, pomp and circumstance with impromptu guitar accompaniment, and incredibly plentiful food and drink. It was a wonderful day, marred only by the fact that three of our graduates were unable to attend.

One of my oldest (actually, I should say longest term students) came from Canada for five private days and to give the class speech. He kept telling me that he was finding it impossible to find something nice to say about me, so I was worried. Fortunately, he got lost and was so late, and everyone was so mellow, I didn't even care what he said. I shouldn't have been concerned though, it was a very touching and amusing speech, so I broke down and gave him a T-shirt and an honorary "NOZZLE JOCKEY" status.

So, all in all, it was a great day, and only one person fell into the fish pond. At the risk of being sentimental, I want to say how very proud I am of each and every one of them, and their individual creativity. They are all very talented and hardworking individuals and I was honored to teach them.

Very soon, we're going to run a little section telling about their progress and their first sales. Hint: Don't miss the segment on Clark. It's priceless. More later, and until then; Remember: GRIT HAPPENS.

Jodie Paulk and Butch Young modeling new Sandwitch T-shirts

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