Sports bar, long view. (Click images to view larger)

Sports Bar - Alubuquerque International

It was a very complex job. The intention was to feature sports and activities indigenous to New Mexico. Due to the shape of the room and the fact that a few of the sports carvings were high up on the outside of the room, it was impossible to get good pictures of everything.

Glass panel detail - Cowboys and cars. (Click image to view larger)

Cowboys and cars

Since the Unser brothers, drivers of formula-one race cars, have lived in Albuquerque as long as I can remember, we have race cars on the same panel as a rodeo scene. Incidentally, this is one of the few times in my career that I have signed my work, but few realize it since I just put my initials on the calf's butt as a brand.

Notice the jagged lines between the cars and the cowboy. Those are actually two pieces of glass cut by a water jet with about a six-inch separation between them.

Mountain bikers crest the hill. (Click to view larger)

Mountain bikers

Also represented were mountain bikers, skiers and, snowboarders. Activities not shown here are rock climbing and hang-gliding.

(Click to view larger)

Mountain bikers (detail)

Depth and carving detail has always been my calling card. It's in using intricately designed, hand-cut templates that I'm able to achieve these eye-popping results.

Ski racers in motion. (Click to view larger)


It's not difficult for patrons to imagine the icy wind and crunch of snow while viewing this depiction of a ski race. In keeping with the sports-action theme, my goal was to successfully capture that sense of motion and the thrill of competition.

Glass panel detail - Cowboys and cars. (Click image to view larger)

Detailed view

Whether it's a cowboy roping a calf, or a skier racing down a steep mountain slope, accurate detail is paramount in achieving a convincing depiction.

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