To My Customers:

Since I am getting old and feeble, and often lose my ear trumpet and can't hear the phone, it's best to e-mail me first. At least til I also go blind. HaHa! Please include a little bit of info about yourself, such as if you're a blaster now, a newbie, or just curious. That will help me to make the correct decision regarding your product choices. I'm often blasting or with a student, but do check e-mail freqently.

Please read the following Information about Gold Leafing Kits before proceeding...
With the completion of my Advanced Coloring DVD I decided that, in good conscience, I must be able to provide all of the product used in that DVD. However, in the event that you only want to do gold leafing without color, or mix and match several carats of gold and silver, or color with powders, or only color with metallic variegated composites, you should not be forced or encouraged to buy a kit with items you aren't interested in using. Sooooo, here's my brilliant idea. You be the boss; I'm tired of making decisions. Either by e-mail or phone, we will put together the kit of your choice, and/or your dreams. (Don't you hate to go to a restaurant that has some great meal like prime rib, baked potato, and a vegetable medley of grilled brussel sprouts, sweet potato peels, and pickled parsnips, and then they say no substitutions? So you're stuck with something even scorned by a pen full of pigs. Well,I think that sucks.) So, ladies and germs, simply read over the menu, and place your order. WE ENCOURAGE SUBSTITUTIONS, SECOND HELPINGS, AND THAT DESSERT YOU CAN'T RESIST!


We have gold in the following karats

23 karat — $55.00
18 karat — $45.00
16 karat — $35.00
13.25 karat — $35.00
9 karat — $31.00

Note: All of our gold is of the finest German or Italian gold available and performs admirably. With the price of gold rising daily, we try to find the best prices and buy enough to keep costs down as much as possible, and as long as possible. We finally ran out of the gold we bought three years ago and have had to raise prices. Whenever possible, we will also lower prices. We will be doing more research, hoping to find additional, high-quality gilding products at competitive prices. However, we will never sell what we consider to be an inferior material.

Gold Leaf Size


Our Silver is also the excellent German brand, Monarch. Unlike it's American counterpart, it does not tarnish, and is a joy to apply.

Each book has 25 pages of silver,3 3/4" x 3 3/4"

Silver — $25.00 a book


Books of twenty-five pages. Color patterns 5 1/4" x 5 1/4". Color patterns will vary from batch to batch.

Red — $23.00 NOW $15!
Blue — $23.00
Green — $23.00

Variegated Metallic Composites

*az Brown - OUT OF STOCK*


These paints are wonderful to use either alone or in conjunction with any gilding material. Its main ingredient is ethyl alcohol, and, therefore dries extremely rapidly. There are many ways to apply this paint, depending on individual circumstance and desired result. Combined with leafing of almost any type, the finished product is rich and lustrous beyond your imagination. I have found that your hotter colors, such as red, deep blue and vivid purple work best with higher karats of gold, or any of the composites. The cooler greens and lighter blues do well with the lower karats of gold, or silver. The nine colors currently available are as follows: Ruby Red, Raspberry, Spring Green, az Brown, Teal Blue, Deep Blue, Vivid Purple, Apricot and Lemon Yellow as well as Transparent Black and Opaque White (for mixing colors) and Thinner.

COLORMAGIC GLASS PAINT — .5 oz (15 ml) bottle
$5.50 NOW $3.00!

Color Choices

colormagic paint thinner


COLORMAGIC PAINT THINNER — .5 oz (15 ml) bottle
$5.50 NOW $3.00!

This solvent will thin out your paint as it is drying to make is easier to spread, e.g., for use in an airbrush. I am also able to get it to exhibit variations in color as it's drying by dipping a small brush into the thinner and then flicking it on the color as it dries. This method gives some interesting effects.


These wonderful products are non-tarnishing and may be combined with virtually any medium and applied as a paint or glaze. They may be dusted over a sized area and used alone. They may also be used to back the transparent glass paints listed above. Truly a universal product. Another great bonus is that you can actually mix the powders and create your own colors for a totally custom look. Colors are as follow from to bottom:

Super Sparkle, Sparkle Gold, Magna Pearl, Aztec Gold, Nu-Antique Silver, Super Bronze, and Super Copper

Other leading products: Brushes

It is vital to the success of your product to use a high-quality, soft brush for gold leafing. I recommend three round bristled and one narrow squared off leafing brush. Since these brushes are used solely to apply the gold leaf, and, if care is used in the gilding process, (as shown on the gold leafing videos) your good leafing brushes will last forever. I have been using some of mine for 12 years. Since size is applied on rough, blasted surfaces, your size brushes need to be replaced from time to time. Some people are happy with synthetic bristles. I'm not one of those people. Remember, you are well-paid for your gold leafing efforts. Good tools insure beautiful results.

Leafing Brushes

Sizing Brushes


Note: Gold Size begins to set up as soon as it's opened. Because of this, we sell only small sizes. Open the container and transfer only what you need to a smaller container. Reseal original product immediately.

Luco is the sizing material used in the DVD, The Midas Touch. Unlike Le Franc size, "tack time" can be expedited using a hair dryer. Although it doesn't have quite the clarity of its French counterpart, it is very dependable and a bit easier to use for those new to the leafing experience. AND it is lead free.

4 oz can — $15.00 NOW $6.00!

GOLD SIZE: La Franc Mixtion

La Franc Mixtion, quick drying — $11.00

SEALER:Old World Sealer — $5.00 NOW $3.00!

You get a big 'ol fat bag of various sizes, shapes and textures. These will get you started on your journey and, hopefully, encourage you to find other ways of creating new textures and results.

Package — $5.00


These are called "pickers" by some. For some strange reason, I have always called them "pokers". But, listen up, dudes and dudettes. We now have sexy new Grifhold pokers, not only in five different colors, but a comfort grip as well. And, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, this new poker pal has a replaceable stainless steel tip. So, choose your favorite color and "pick away."

GRIFHOLD, One unit with pick — $5.75 NOW $3.00!


There are a few things that I have been using for years, and cannot live without. I am delighted to see the pickers and optivisors are now on some other blasting websites. I don't know how anyone did decent work without them. Below are what is currently available.


These are my preferred, and, are now offered in five colors and with a comfort grip. Cross-hatched with a high blade holder. I use an injector razor blade cut down to fit this holder. I find this method preferable to the x-acto type blade, which is much thicker and less flexible. However; this is an acquired taste. I teach only this method since it allows for much more intricate, complex and smoother cutting than other methods. A sample pack of blades is available, so that you don't have to make a large initial investment, only to find out they are not for you. I will break some down for you and enclose instructions so that you can give it a try.

Grifhold: 25 blades plus instructions — $5.00

Grifhold: Stencil knife handle — $5.50 NOW $3.00!


I have used them for 22 years and consider them as important to the medium as a nozzle. I sell them in strengths of 4 or 5, since these lenses seem to be universally acceptable. I also have a few 7's if you're entering your Stevie Wonder stage of life. Remember, there is a less expensive model with acrylic lenses, but they scratch quite easily and then you have to buy new ones. So, bite the bullet and go for the good ones.

OptiVISOR — $50.00 ea.


This is the one, Ladiez and Germz. I've had my old hood for over 15 years, since I haven't been able to find a suitable replacement. My old one is held together with duct tape and masking tape. Finally, I can toss it. Most hoods on the market today have small viewing windows, inadequate ventilating screens and no adjusting drawstring to keep grit from blowing up into your face. Plus: you'll look stunning in it, Dahlings, whether you're blasting, beekeeping, robbing a liquor store, or just keeping the paparazzi confused.

Remember: Wear a respirator or OSHA approved mask underneath.

Deluxe Hood — $100.00 each, worth every last cent.


Most of the light hose assemblies out there are made specifically for commercial cabinets. These hoses usually fit through a hole in the cabinet and are affixed at one length; resulting in the entire unit coiled up inside, and getting in the way. I like to take my hose in through the arm opening so that only as much as I need is in there. Since I don't believe in gloves, I am able to do this. If you have gloves attached to sleeves, and don't want to cut the fingers off, you must redirect the hose through to existing hole in your cabinet. I send you one hose completely assembled; and, another, as individual components so you can go out, buy the ingredients and make your own in the future. However, if you choose to buy various components from me, I've got 'em.

My two-hose package is $65.00

The barbed end of your light air hose assembly fits into the end of your sand hose. (Be sure to retighten the hose clamp on your sand hose after attaching.) Remember that the LAHA is not rated for an abrasive, just air pressure. Therefore it is necessary to tape the areas that will be bent, as I have done. When making your own, keep them about five feet long. This prevents coiling which makes more of your hose vulnerable. Also, I take the hose in with my arm, and not through a little hole in the cabinet...


Sorry, all of you loyal gritsters, but I will no longer be selling grit. I had about a zillion pounds of it at the old price, but eventually it flew away. The new price would be pretty much what you would pay anywhere else. And, shipping is a nightmare price wise. So, here’s what I suggest to everyone. Call monument companies, lapidary companies, and if they don’t sell it, but use it, ask them where they get it.

You can also look for abrasives companies. If you have an abrasives company not too far away, it will benefit you to buy it directly from them. If you are a frequent blaster, ask where the price breaks are. If the price is good, and you know other blasters, see if they want to buy some of it. If you live near a fairly large town, you should be in business. Also, some trophy houses do their own blasting, and have grit sources. Since I travel to California fairly often, I buy mine from Rayzist, and just drive it home. Saves shipping and you don’t have to wait for the Wells Fargo Wagon. So, if you live close to a sandblasting equipment company, buy from them. I hope this helps.


MY PHILOSOPHY ON NOZZLES AND GRIT: As you will notice, I only sell one size of nozzle orifice, (1/16") and one abrasive size, (100). And, there is a reason for this. Nozzle orifices get bigger and abrasives get smaller. Now why on earth would you want to buy something new that is, in essence, used, I ask you? And then there's this totally confusing part, that totally escapes me: Why does smaller grit, which to me is used, cost more than bigger grit?? I'm missing the boat here. I should be selling my used grit at 220 and make a bunch of money. Wow! I could be on to something here. Maybe I'll be rich yet. Another thing I don't understand about a lot of this grit info out there is why no one wants you to mix the used with the new. Could it be that they sell more that way? Or, am I just being jaded? I could sell all sizes of grit and nozzles, but I just won't do that to you.

Grit (Silicon Carbide, Size 100)
Baby (50#) - $80
Teen (100#) - $158
Godzilla (300#) - $425


Small, lightweight and maneuverable, this cap will accept all standard Cerbide, ceramic or tungsten carbide nozzles. It attaches to a 1/4" male fitting present on my light airhose assembly or may be used with a reducer on larger fittings.

NOTE: if needed, we can provide you with the proper fitting.

Nozzle Caps — $10.00 Each
*Specify quantity after adding item to cart


BOO-HOO-HOO. The price of resist has doubled since I last bought it. I am so very sorry, and almost chose to eliminate it from the store, but it's simply the best resist on the market as far as I'm concerned. Since I practically had to mortgage the house to order enough to be competitive, please buy it. My dogs, cats and the deer we feed are counting on you. I use it for everything, and it cuts well on the plotter if that's your thing. It is good for anything from light frosting through deep, deep carving. I also use it to blow through and shape glass up to 5/8" thick, so you have no need for anything heavier. If you're strictly a light frost person, or a surface etcher, then you could get away with 4-mil, but for an all around blaster, this is the thing. If you need more info, don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail. Thank you for your support.

NOTE: Please be aware that the Vinyl Resist is simply too large to ship with other items and must be shipped separately in its own container. Each roll is quite heavy, and therefore, I MUST charge $50 per roll to ship.


6"x 50' — $55.00
12"x 50' — $120.00 NOW $70.00!
18"x 50' — $182.00 NOW $109.00!
24"x 50' — $248.00 NOW $148.00!

Available sizes


I sell only 1/16" nozzles since they get bigger. The Cerbide Fatboy, which sells for $100.00 will outlast the $30.00 tungsten carbide nozzle by at least 20 times. The Boride Badboy, which sells for $140.00, will outlast the $30.00 tungsten carbide nozzle by 28-30 times. Do the math, and you'll find it's a no-brainer. They are both excellent nozzles, so if you're a fairly serious blaster, the Fatboy will be great. However, if you are someone who works in higher pressures for long periods of time, then the Badboy's your dude. My main customers for Mr. Badboy are dudes and dudettes who blast stones of one type or another, and go at high pressures for reaslly extended periods of time. Rarely do I sell two of the same product, but these are both excellent. For more in-depth info, go to, and read my NOZZLETOV! article. You'll learn bunches and bunches.

Here’s the scoop on the Cerbide FatBoy. In the interest of full disclosure, we have found some inconsistencies in the performance of the fatboy. As the 1/16” orifice expands, there is the occasional shape change to the orifice. It goes from round to elliptical, which changes your blast pattern. Since there is no way to tell until it happens, I have arrived at the following solution. If it doesn’t fail, GREAT! You won the lottery. If it does fail, then you can buy the BadBoy for $60.00 and return the FatBoy. The end. You can’t beat that deal. It doesn’t happen often, so you’ll probably be fine. It is indeed a fine nozzle.

Available Nozzles

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