Sorry, all of you loyal gritsters, but I will no longer be selling grit. I had about a zillion pounds of it at the old price, but eventually it flew away. The new price would be pretty much what you would pay anywhere else. And, shipping is a nightmare price wise. So, here’s what I suggest to everyone. Call monument companies, lapidary companies, and if they don’t sell it, but use it, ask them where they get it.

You can also look for abrasives companies. If you have an abrasives company not too far away, it will benefit you to buy it directly from them. If you are a frequent blaster, ask where the price breaks are. If the price is good, and you know other blasters, see if they want to buy some of it. If you live near a fairly large town, you should be in business. Also, some trophy houses do their own blasting, and have grit sources. Since I travel to California fairly often, I buy mine from Rayzist, and just drive it home. Saves shipping and you don’t have to wait for the Wells Fargo Wagon. So, if you live close to a sandblasting equipment company, buy from them. I hope this helps.

Exciting News!


You may have noticed that we have a new web site! This year is finally winding down and it's been a real doozy, with health hurdles, political upheaval and all things in between. So I say, what better way to look forward than to start with a fresh, new look.

Our new site is fully responsive, which means all you blasters will be able to get your tips and techniques on your mobile devices in one hand, while guiding the nozzle in the other! Ha!

And last but not least, we'll finally be offering video tutorials through VIMEO, formerly advertised as Webinars. We're in the final stages of compiling the videos, so be sure to check back for that launch.

BLAST-PHEMY Ezine To Return!

And last but not least, I hope to revive my beloved, little ezine, Blast-Phemy, jam-packed with great tips, techniques, glass-artist news and insights, and tutorial projects. Keep your eyes peeled for its return in 2018! Until then, you can always order the back-issues from 2015-2016.

Video Training

Coming soon, we'll be offering a handful of videos at the Sandwitch. Through video instruction, you'll learn new blasting techniques from the master herself. Each high-quality video course will guide you step by step, providing tips to hone your skills.


Purchase back-issues BLAST-PHEMY

Although Blast-Phemy Ezine is on an exteneded hiatus, you can still get the back-issues. I've faced many hurdles over the past year and it's forced me to put the zine on the back burner. For those who missed out, you can still buy the 2015 & 2016 back-issues, $30 for 12 issues.

Butch Young DVDs
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Do you need to brush-up on a blasting technique, or break a bad blasting habit? Or maybe you just want to learn an entirely new skill. If you can't afford the time, travel or expense of a hands-on lesson, be sure to check out the slew of instructional DVDs at the Sandwitch Shop.